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Friday, September 14, 2012

an open letter to the last two christian newspaper editors in the republic of ireland father thady doyle and father brian mckevitt

Stop printing Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's press releases in The Curate's Diary and Alive newpapers.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has colluded with the most virulently anti Catholic newspaper groups in Europe, to wit The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, the Daily Mail and RTE, in an attempt to hound from office a generation of priests and Bishops whom he is falsely, maliciously and malignly labelling as concealers of child abuse.
Stop accepting press releases from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media handler.
Stop allowing Archie's PR department to intimidate you for fear Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will ban your publications from churches in the Dublin area.
Thank you for your time.
It is not unity to unite around Judas.
For God's sake get up off your knees.
James Healy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

an open letter to the believing christians of ireland

If you bow to an oppressor, you are not turning the other cheek.
You are bowing to an oppressor.
Turning the other cheek, is when someone strikes you on the cheek and you turn the other cheek.
Bowing to an oppressor is when some newspaper tries to ruin Bishop Kirby by falsely and maliciously labelling him a concealer of child abuse and you keep buying that newspaper.
If you buy the Irish Independent, the Evening Herald, the Sunday World, the Sunday Independent, the Daily Mail or the Irish Times, you yourself are the ones trying to murder the reputation of Bishop Kirby.
You are the ones financing the culture war against Christianity in Ireland.
If you buy these virulently anti Catholic anti human rags, if you finance RTE through the compulsory licence fee, you yourself are responsible for the crimes these idolators of atheism commit.
James Healy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the great heelsby

Standing at the riverside near the stretch of water outside Kilcullen known as Berney's Inch.
Night rolls in on ravens' wings.
Behind me the black fields of the Republic stretch away.
I become aware of someone standing on the bank nearby in the gathering gloom.
I peer closely.
It is Brigadier Fitzgerald, the fourth highest army officer in the Irish State.
"Nice night James," he says staring across the water.
"Get the troops out of South Lebanon," I tell him. "The next one will be nuclear. They'll all die for nothing. Get them home. Don't waste their lives running pass defence for Al Qaeda. The Muslims will never thank you for it. They consider us chattels to be used and thrown away. Get the troops home. They'll need to be here for the civil war that's coming."
I looked up.
He was gone.
I stood there alone in the unquiet dark.
Across from the river a green light flashed once.
It was the green light at the end of Khalded Sheikh Mohammed's dock.
Even here.
In the heart land.
They're already here.

this week in the jihad

1. A series of gangland killings around Ireland. The one element of the killings that remains almost whollly unreported by bankrupt delusional Irish media groups, is that now Muslim assassins are working hand in glove with Irish crime gangs.

2. The French continue to insist that the murder of a Muslim family in the French Alps is inexplicable. No mention of Jihad, no mention of Al Qaeda, no mention of the Iranians, no mention of Muslim CLAN killings, and no mention of the fact that the father of the family was at one stage allowed by the Brits to work at a nuclear facility. Two children who survived the assassins bullets, (one with wounds the other unscathed) have been handed back to relatives by social workers, police and Judges. Those kids now have a life expectancy of about five minutes. But even if they're let live, think of the horror that the mind numbingly heartless atheistic social workers, cops and judges have exposed them to. Every day they will wake up in the house of their parents murderers. The Muslim assassins also murdered a passing French cyclist just for the hell of it.

3. The American ambassador to Libya has been murdered along with three of his body guards by the very Islamists whom Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and whoever the Brit Prime Minister is, helped to defeat the Gadaffis. The Muslim excuse for murdering the American ambassador and his bodyguards was some film on Youtube which the Muslims deemed offensive to the Prophet Mohammed.

4. The American embassy in Egypt has been stormed by the very Islamists whom Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and whoever the Brit Prime Minister is, helped to seize power from Mubarrak. Mubarrak was always the legitimate president of Egypt and not in the same category as the Islamic psycho killer Gadaffi.

5. Oh I give up. Why don't we just surrender to the Muslims and be done with it.

heeler the peelers fashion tips for modern girls

There is a reason they're called Ugg Boots.
(Hint: These Are Not Nice At All Boots was deemed too unwieldy by the advertising department.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

life without father and mother

The mighty Heelers cooks up a brace of chops.
He munches them heartily.
"Curious," he muses aloud, "chop number one was delicious but chop number two was positively tepid."
The ghost of my father appears wearing the garb of Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.
"Heat the plates Luke, I mean James," he intones spectrally.
I stare at the Jedi robes.
"Fancy dress party in heaven?" I enquire.
"That's my story," says the Dad disappearing.


Last week I walked into Clarke's Menswear shop in the town of Newbridge.
Vivian Clarke began to talk to me about a trip he had taken to New York.
I asked him had he been to Ground Zero.
He told me he had.
"James it was eerie," he said. "The stillness. The devastation. You could feel it. And right there in the middle of the devastation was a church completely untouched."
I hadn't heard this before.
The next day I was talking to Ron Baines who does a lot of Christian preaching.
Ron was telling me about his visits to America.
I asked had he been to Ground Zero.
He said he had and that he had found the experience "eerie."
That word again.
"James," he said, "there's an atmosphere there. And you won't believe this. But right there where it all happened, right in the middle of the destruction, there's a Church still standing. I've never seen it mentioned in the media. But it's there. It must mean something."
Both Mr Clarke and Mr Baines' use of the word eerie had put me in mind of something the British parliamentarian (and roue) Alan Clarke had once written.
Tonight I picked out my copy of the Alan Clarke Diaries.
I opened it at random.
My eye fell on the passage that had been on my mind.
Alan Clarke (no relation to Vivian) was standing on the corner of the street in Serbia where the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in 1914.
Alan Clarke wrote: "I felt it. Something in the air. A charge. The infernal spark had come out from this place to ignite the world."

amazing grace

The house full of neighbour's children.
They are blathering with each other about something.
I am chatting with the hamster.
Dimly I become aware of the kids' conversation.
Here's larks, thinks I.
They are talking with keen eagerness and not a little fascination, about the end of the world.
"The world could end with an asteroid coming from space and blasting everything into nothingness," enthuses Peter aged 15.
"Some people say the world will end when the polar ice caps melt because of global warming," puts in Katie aged 14.
Grace aged 4, tugs her mother's sleeve.
"The world will end when God goes away," whispers Grace.
Her mother shoots a dangerous look at me but I am now in a deep conversation about Kant with the hamster and she cannot catch my eye.
"Who told you that Grace?" asks her mother.
"God told me," answers Grace.
"When did God tell you that?" presses her mother, still suspecting that this is the work of a lesser god.
"When I was born," says Grace.
Her mother stares with the aspect and gait of a woman who has seen the lifting of the veil and is momentarily dumbfounded.
"Let me know if God tells you anything else," she manages at last.

the heartlessness of social workers

You all know I suspect the slaughter of the Iraqi man with British citizenship, and his family, in the French Alps, will turn out to be Jihad, Al Qaeda, the Iranians, Muslim gangsters engaged in nuclear proliferation or some appalling admixture of the four.
The clues were there from the start.
The French coyness about the nationality of the murdered people.
"We tzink zey may be ow you say British."
When the French get coy it's always Muslims.
The callousness of the killings.
A grandmother slaughtered.
A wife slaughtered.
A man slaughtered.
A passing cyclist who'd never done anyon a bad turn, slaughtered just for the hell of it.
That always looks Muslim.
If the murders are particularly lousy, you gotta look for a Muslim connection.
Pardon my French, but for f--k's sake.
That's Investigation 101.
And an attempt to slaughter little girls cowering in their parents car.
Now who I ask you is willing to slaughter the young with the old, the innocent with the supposedly guilty, the little girls with the big soldiers?
I'm telling you folks.
It smells like teen Jihad.
But of course the other prime probability for anyone investigating this crime, the other pre-eminent likelihood, the other bleedin obvious, is that it was a Muslim CLAN killing.
This inescapable likelihood, at least as inescapable as the theories I am promulgating about Jihad and by no means incompatible with my theories, is that relatives of the murdered human beings, were responsible for their murder.
Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
So what have the French and British police, Euro trash Judges, and atheistic social workers done?
Listen to me.
They have handed the little girl who survived the assassins' bullets over to the family relatives of her CLAN who are the prime suspects in the attempted murder of the seven year old little girl and her four year old sister, and the successful murders of her parents and grandmother and a passing cyclist.
Lemme tell ya folks.
That little girl's life expectancy just dropped to about five minutes.
We have to put a stop to this.
Help me.