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Saturday, December 15, 2007

december light in ireland

like daybreak above the wicklow mountains you set my heart aglow

Friday, December 14, 2007


The world's first Jihad war is coming to an end.
This is the name I have given the conflict roughly demarcated by the mass murders in New York in 2001 and then by the American and British liberations of Afghanistan and Iraq in the subsequent years up to the present.
The world's first Jihad war.
Of course this is not strictly speaking the first time that Arabs and Muslims have attempted an outward expansion at the expense of the rest of humanity.
Historians might point to several such waves of conquest and extirpation.
The last such expansion to threaten Europe came in the sixteenth century and was stopped by a marginal political figure called Don John of Austria who cleaned Islamic clocks at the battle of Lepanto.
Cleaned their clocks.
Or at least slowed them down for about five hundred years.
And now they're back.
But the present Arab and Muslim terror wave is different from what came before.
This is the first time these hideously dysfunctional cultures have threatened the world and not just some region of it.
The world's first Jihad war.
The name I have chosen is reminiscent of the conflict sparked by Imperial Germany's attempt at world conquest between 1914 and 1918.
The losers emerged from that one convinced they were due a rematch.
Now the world's first Jihad war is coming to an end.
It is coming to an end in a manner that is somewhat reminiscent of the way in which the 1914-18 war came to an end.
The Jihadis are convinced they have not lost.
They are already working towards Round Two.
It will happen.
Why will it happen?
It will happen because the clowns, the quislings of the West, the pseudo intelligentsia, the Michael Moores, the Noam Chomskys, the John Pilgers, the Robert Fisks, the CNNs, the BBCs, the Associated Press, the Irish Times, the Times of London, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the quislings I say, the defeatist wishful thinking traitors, the useless vainglorious pious bastards, these, these and no others, these have convinced the Jihadis... it's not over.
It's not over.
There will indeed be a second world Jihad war.
The Jihadis now know the West prefers to worry more about climate change than about the terror armies massing against it.
The Jihadis know that the West will sooner scorn its own leaders, leaders of decisive action such as George Bush or Tony Blair, rather than scorning Osama Bin Laden and the monstrous thugs who menace us.
The Jihadis are fully cognisant of the deluded thinking that led to a Nobel Prize for Al Gore.
The Jihadis know that the West is in denial.
(Yes, climate change is important. Pollution is bad. Try telling it to Hitler. Better yet, let's pretend Hitler isn't there and pat each other on the back while wrapping our garbage in nice cuddly recyclable hemp rope.)
This is the comic farce at the end of the world folks.
It's the heads of Easter Island all over again.
Our culture is focussing on a frivolous shibboleth while a malign and perfidious evil draws its plans against us.
The West is questioning itself out of existence against an enemy that knows no doubts and permits its citizens no questions.
It gets worse.
This week Lord Falconer in England has been saying the police should not be able to detain Muslim terror suspects for longer than 28 days.
Lord Falconer believes the maximum detention period should not change unless some new and greater threat to the public materialises.
It is my opinion that the Jihadis will rise to Lord Falconer's challenge and give him his new threat soon enough. Of course thousands of us will have to die for it to be a good enough threat to satisfy Lord Falconer. Perhaps even hundreds of thousands.
Lord Falconer wants to stake public lives on the goodwill of the Muslim terrorist scum currently working through their angst ridden teenage years, (and their twenties and thirties and forties) by plotting mass murder over coffees in Piccadilly.
No lives should be hostage to Lord Falconer's political correctness.
His is a woeful polity.
The curse of it is that this war could have been won.
At the very least, we might have made Jihad much less fun.
One year's minimum detention for those suspected of plotting terror attacks would have been a start. None of your 28 days or 90 days rubbish.
And how about sending them all somewhere they don't like going?
Guantanamo Bay would seem to be the obvious choice.
The only prison on earth where it's not such fun to be a big bad murdering Jihadi scum.
But I don't want to cast no aspersions.
Lord Falconer and the other pseudo intellectual clown princes of Europe and America have forced an early peace with the armies of the night.
We will all pay for it.
The Arab and Muslim terrorists now insist they have been wronged and that they will be avenged.
What do you think it will take to change this?
The deep shame that the Germans felt after the 1939-45 war which they had inflicted on the world, is a long way away from what your average Arab Muslim feels, mired in the conception of himself and his civilisation as ultimate victims.
They kill and blame us for their killing.
They kill because they keep losing wars with Israel.
They kill because of their own pathetic cultural inferiority complex.
They kill because they've nothing better to be doing.
I hold with Professor Cartman's view of Nine Eleven.
It was the single greatest act of penis envy in the history of humanity.
Oh, it's not over.
There will be a second world Jihad war.
And this one will be hell on earth.