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Saturday, May 26, 2012

homage to miss sicily

She wasn't a member of Al Qaeda.
Devil worshipping murderess Amanda Knox and the satanistic Knox family and their allies hadn't sent her to kill me.
She wasn't working for the CIA, Mossad, the Russians, the corrupt Irish police force, or Soviet era infiltrator of the Irish Catholic Church, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin..
Although they would have liked to have her on their side.
She was just...

Friday, May 25, 2012

nightly violence on dublin's luas tram system

For the third time in my life I rode the Luas, Dublin's white elephant tram system, this evening.
The Luas will one day be remembered as the high water mark of Irish delusionalism.
Our governments paid billions of dollars to their supporters in the construction industry to build it.
Its two tram lines crater the city, making a vast feeder network of roads useless for cars, vans, and lorries.
Instead, a city that desperately needs to do business has been all but paralysed by an outmoded transport shibboleth that does nothing except make the now defunct Green Party feel good about itself while facilitating heroin addicts on their nightly forays in and out of the city from Fatima Mansions.
I kid you not.
I boarded the tram around 8pm well before dark.
The carriage seemed peaceable and hushed.
One stop after I boarded, a family group of people exited.
I had not noticed them.
They had been assaulted.
The man was wiping blood from his bald pate.
He had a gash in the back of his head.
So that's why the carriage was hushed when I boarded.
I'd missed the action but arrived in time for the aftermath.
At the next station to the one where the blood spattered family exited, four Luas security staff stood gallantly on the platform, veritably preening in their finery.
Their black flack jackets were shiny and unstained.
Not a drop of blood on them.
I couldn't resist staring at them a tad pass remarkably.
I was thinking: You people should be standing in these carriages not on the platform.
One of them saw me.
With the superb unerring instinct of an Irish law enforcement professional, he leaned into the carriage and demanded of no one in particular: "Everything all right here?"
I was thinking: "You're a bit late mate."
But I said nothing.
A Dublin man told the shiny happy flack jacketed security men, all four of them, that someone had been assaulted and had exited at the previous stop.
The tough but untested and eternally idle, security men essayed interest.
The train moved off.
Still no security men on board.
A brawl broke out a little further up the carriage.
Beside me a woman spoke into her mobile phone: "They're fighting again."
Her voice sounded as dead as Ireland's legal system.
The brawling youths spilled onto the platform at the next station.
A few more youths got on.
They stood in the aisle, talking loudly and aggressively.
I moved up the tram.
Ireland is going under before our eyes.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

what hath judge liberal wrought

A hot balmy continental night in the Republic.
I've just got off a Dublin tram.
It is the second time in my life I've been on the great white elephant of Irish society which is the Luas tram system.
All the way out from the city, I've watched as a psychoticised hoodlum threatened passengers, bawled obscenities at little girls, and mused aloud about his urge to kill everyone he could see.
"Yiz are rats. Yiz are foon rats. I'd kill yiz all. And I'd say I was insane. The CIA have a thing in my head. They know where I am. Kill yiz all. I'd kill everyone in Dublin. And I'd go free. Yiz foon rats. Yiz foon faggots. I'd kill yiz all."
For half an hour the citizens kept their heads down.
He approached and threatened two individually.
At no time did any Luas security staff enter the train.
We saw em preening and posing on station platforms, proud and gallant and idle in their shiny black flack jackets, as we passed through a couple of times.
They never got on board.
Everyone among the passengers kept their heads down while the psycho threatened and bawled and grew ever more unstable.
No security staff.
And of course no police.
Hilarious no.
Where indeed was Ireland's corrupt police force?
Here's where they were.
They were standing at the side of various roads harassing and intimidating law abiding motorists on their way home from work.
No cops on the Luas.
They were much too busy for that.
"Yiz foon rats. Yiz are all foon rats. I'd kill yiz. I'll plead insanity. Yiz foon rats. I'll blow up this town. There's a CIA thing in my head. Yiz foon rats."
Over the course of the journey he harassed at least two passengers to the point of violence.
The rest of us did nothing.
The psycho left the tram at a station called Rialto.
He kicked the tram as it pulled out of the station.
I saw him plainly then.
He was young and strong looking and utterly deranged.
Eyes full of a most unholy light.
I did not underestimate what I was seeing.
He looked like the possessed.
I was sure he'd killed before and would do so again.
I was sure various Judge Liberals had released him fifty times for a innumerable assaults and batteries and rapes and burglaries and anything else that came into his head to inflict on the rest of us.
It was clear too that a recent newspaper story had been much on the psycho's mind.
The news story has been on many people's minds recently.
A double murderer, had been treated with kid gloves by a Judge Liberal who had accepted the murderer's plea that he was insane at the time of his double murder and therefore not guilty of murdering either of the two people he'd murdered.
The double murderer had slaughtered a mother and daughter in the streets.
He had been a former boyfriend of the daughter.
Judge Liberal had refused to convict the double murderer of murder.
Judge Liberal instead insisted that the double murderer's insanity meant that the double murderer could not be said to have murdered the people he had murdered.
You couldn't make it up.
Judge Liberal assigned the double murderer to a mental hospital.
The double murderer escaped soon afterwards, fled the country, married an unholy Irish bitch in England, and a few years later came back to live within a mile of his victims family home in the British run jurisdiction of Northern Ireland.
The double murderer is now back in the Republic of Ireland trying to have himself declared sane so that he can seize property belonging to his own relatives.
And tonight on the Luas tram in Dublin, yet another psyhco was chanting the hymnal taught to killers everywhere courtesy of Judge Liberal.
"I'll foon kill yiz all. Yiz are rats. I'll say I was insannnnnnnnnnnne."
You know folks.
The murderers are bad enough.
But Judge Liberal is the greater murderer here.
The Judge Liberal that refused to call that double murder by its name, and released that double murderer into hospital care, that Judge Liberal murdered the victims a second time.
We must stop these maniacs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

europa europa

In the midst of the economic collapse of Western Europe...
The French have voted for a socialist president who is promising to keep borrowing limitless sums of money to create what he calls growth.
The Greeks have voted for a government whose central electoral platform is that the world owes Greece a living.
The Irish are currently contemplating, as part of a referendum on a new European bailout, posters which urge us to: "Vote No To Austerity."
I kid you not.
Vote no to austerity.
That old gag.
Presumably we must then by implication  be voting yes to profligacy.
Presumably by voting no to austerity, we will be voting to continue spending limitless sums of money we don't have on teachers, nursies, Free Masonic Judges, corrupt cops, indolent soldiery and any number of superbly loquacious and utterly morally debased bankers and Civil Servants all of whom have never done a day's work in their lives.
Presumably we will be voting while our country evaporates, to continue allowing our Prime Minister to pay himself more than the President of Russia.
And to pay our Free Masonic Judges three times the annual salary of the British Prime Minister.
And to pay 800 bankers working for collapsed gangster banks, the same salary as Barack Obama.
Mother Ireland you're rearing them yet.
France, Greece, Ireland and the rest of Europe are mired in a near cosmic delusionalism.
The popular discourse is centred on the surrealistic notion that it is a plausible economic policy to borrow your way out of debt.
Our leaders are delivering us to Sovietism or something worse.
By the way, I will in fact be voting no to austerity.
But not because I don't think every Irish person is going to have to face a proufound austerity in making massive sacrifices for the nation.
I gotta tell you folks.
We're going to have austerity here one way or the other.
I will be voting no to the latest European Union bail out of Ireland, known to the delusional left wingers and the atheistic amoral right wingers of our pseudo elites, as austerity, I'll be voting no to this bail out I say, because it is a bail out merely to enable politicians, bankers, civil servants, cops, nursies, teachers and all the other State sector employees, to continue living in the delusional style to which they have become accustomed and which has delivered us all overnight into the Third World.
This bail out will merely postpone for a very short time, the austerity, the reality check, we soon all must face.
I'd rather face it now, with every single State employee taking a ninety percent pay cut, with the economic emphasis shifting from the rights of professional thieves to the rights of small business people running shops on main street.
Oh, they'll be taking that cut one way or another.
If they took it now, they might save the rest of us from Civil War.
The might save the next generation from growing up in Zimbabwe.
I don't see the State employees doing the decent thing here.
They are married to their delusions.
They will not give up their love of Marxian Trade Unions, their pampered self aggrandisement, their masturbatory self indulgence.
They will not give up the extortionate salaries their trade unions have stolen for them.
This is the generation that sold Ireland.
Whether it was former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds receiving million dollar bribes from Muslims in return for Irish passports, or just some little bitch nurse drawing seventy grand a year in wages and thinking it was icecream; whether it was the younger generation of hoor masters and druggies dumping their parents in old folks homes run by devil worshipping sub norms, or whether it was Judge Liberal accepting bribes from drug gangs while casually imprisoning decent citizens for non payment of parking fines; whether it was a coterie of corrupt clowns preening at the apex of our culture casually contriving the most invidious criminality for Catholic priests; while Free Masons and Marxian atheists and satanists governed us from the shadows of the Civil Service: whatever the hell it was...
This is the bast--d generation.
The I know my rights generation.
The I want my pay rise generation.
In Ireland.
And in Europe.
The darkness thickens.
Societal collapse is imminent.
Gentle readers, in my own modest way I've been telling these scruff.
L:ook it.
It makes no difference to me.
I don't think you're going to do the right thing.
But here's the truth.
Everything you liberal atheists have called ice cream is a lie.
You are bringing forth hell on earth.
Read the signs of the times.
Two months ago the Irish Pharmaceutical Union, sensing that the Catholic Church had been fatally weakened in Ireland, issued an instruction that all pharmacies in Ireland are to henceforth carry abortion pills.
Hoo baby.
Hickey's Pharmacies in Dublin are among those currently dosing children with these pills without prescription and without parental consent.
Don't get me wrong.
Murder is still murder even if Hickys get the permission of parents and/or a Nazi doctor.
But it's surprising just how low and just how fast the Pharmaceutical Union of Ireland has sunk.
It's a long way down from Mount Olympus.
Don't be surprised when the earthquakes come.
They are coming.
We are still governed by talkers who pay themselves a life time's wages for a year of occasionally showing up for work.
We are still governed by a class of people who consider themselves accountable to collapsed gangster banks but not accountable to the citizenry.
We are still governed in the interests of wishful thinking liars who tells us what they think we want to hear while squandering our livelihood to keep themselves and their Civil Service pals in BMW's and three foreign holidays a year.
And these plush bottomed State sector idlers, are the very ones marching across Europe and chanting: "No To Austerity."
You couldn't make it up.
But the old order changeth giving way to the new lest one good principle corrupt the world.
It's happening before our eyes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


eyre square in april
wind stirred the leaves
and schoolgirls peddling

i think i love mark
i'm really fond of gary
meet me at the warwick
don't tell mary

trivial things are rare
as all the myths of yesteryear
and if i stood here ages hence
the talk would be no different

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Costa Cafe, Dawson Street in mid afternoon.
Miss Sicily looking adorable.
She's dressed in something splendid and purply.
I don't know why she bothers with the fashion statements.
She could model sack cloth.
Eyes wide and round she informs me: "James you were right. The Mafia didn't  bomb that school. How did you know?"
The noble Heelers endeavours modesty.
It is difficult for him.
"All the media were shouting Mafia," I tell her. "It just seemed to me like they were desperate to distract from the more likely possibility. I've never known the Mafia to kill school children. I'm sure they must have killed a few children at some stage in their long careers of barbarity but it's not their preferred barbarism. On the other hand in recent years Muslim Jihadis have been killing any Western kids they could get their hands on. Bombing schools is specifically at this moment in time the preferred barbarism of Muslim terrorists and of nobody else. We had IRA terrorism in Ireland for a hundred years. And the IRA were as unholy a bunch of slaughterers you could ever hope to meet. And in a hundred years of non stop terrorism, the IRA bombed a grand total of nought schools. School bombing is a Jihadi sport. While all our media groups were dismissing the Italian bombing story yesterday, marginalising it to their ticker tape, effectively ignoring it, and at the same time claiming most insistently when they did happen to mention in the midst of their pattycake reportage, insisting without any corroborative evidence at all I tells ee, that it was a Mafia murder, I couldn't help remembering that a few years ago Muslim Al Qaeda Jihadis had slaughtered hundreds of Russian kids in a single attack on a school. And only two months ago a Muslim Al Qaeda murderer executed three little girls in a Jewish school, along with a Rabbi, and three soldiers. By the way, the French still refer to that Muslim murderer as a serial killer. It's pure delusionalism. They'll call the killers anything but Muslims. This becomes peculiarly delusional in the cases where the child slaughtering Jihadis are obviously Muslims and nothing else. And I was thinking about Mayor Mike Bloomberg's similarly delusional statements the night Muslim Jihadis tried to blow up Times Square in New York. The Muslims had tried to burn ten thousand people alive in Times Square as revenge for a cartoon called South Park featuring a depiction of the Prophet Muhammed. The bomb was left within spitting distance of South Park's distribution company offices on Times Square. By the mercy of God, the bomb didn't detonate. And Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced to the world that the police were searching for a white man with a deep South United States accent. You couldn't make it up. This in spite of the closed circuit television footage showing a Muslim Paki planting the bomb. Mike Bloomberg's statement came back to me as the news reports came in yesterday insisting that the attack was a Mafia attack. I was also aware that the most pro Muslim Jihadi television channels, Sky News and CNN, were marginalising reportage of the Italian school attack. This was the biggest story in the world yesterday. At times Sky and CNN weren't even carrying it in their main news bulletins. There were occasional single sentence references to the attempted mass murder of school girls which again reported without attribution that the Mafia had attacked a school. Sky is famous for this sort of thing. We should remember that Sky's main revenue stream comes from the Jihadist royal family of Qatar who also finance the Nazi channel Al Jazeera. Sky is never even going to so much as mention the possibility that the attack on a school in Italy and the murder of a little girl fits the operating profile of Jihadis and no one else. Now that the Mafia is being ruled out, Sky and the other quisling delusional media groups are busy suggesting that defunct Red Brigades communist group might be responsible. Or else their fave rave type of terrorist, the lone serial killler. Or else they'll just ignore the story. I gotta tell you. To me the whole thing stank of Muslims from the word go. And it still does."